Our sponsors represent the Best of Sonoma, the Bay Area and beyond. Their generous support and commitment are an integral part in SIFF’s success.



Armar A. Archbold
Jane & Gerry Baldwin
Siri & Bob Berg
Selma Blanusa
Suzanne Brangham
Incy & Peter Brooks
Leah Anderson & Steven Brown
Diana Bugg & Jim Bertlesman
Geraldine C/Emory M Ford Foundation
Chris Cahill
Patrick Carlin
Keith Casale
Kathleen & Martin Cohn
Christine & Jon Curry
Angela & Melvin Dagovitz
Tim Darrin
Gail & John Diserens
Mary Favaro

Greg Hanss
Bobby Hartzell
Lyn & Dub Hay
Steven & Troy Hightower
Cherie & Keith Hughes
Kimberly Hughes & Steve Moazed
Nora & Michael Hurley
Bill Jasper
Carrie & Bobbie Kelley
Meg Kellog & Richard Scheffler
Krieger Brothers LLC
Vicki & John Kryzanowski
Holly & Steve Kyle
Cynthia & Tom LaConte
Susan Levine
Fred & June MacMurray Foundation
Manitou Fund
Rosemary & Kevin McNeely
Barbara Morrison

Tim Mott
Nugget Market
Stephanie Anderson Pugash
Purdom Family Fund
Rotary Club of Sonoma
Diana Sanson
Julie Schindler
Mary & Mike Schuh
Nancy & Don Sebastiani
Isabelle Selby
Elaine & Graham Smith
Dana Simpson-Stokes & Ken Stokes
Claire Solot
Steve Sullivan
Julie & Bruce Tenebaum
Robin Tost
Dayna West
Cynthia & Ken Wornick

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